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This is the first time that we've ordered from Branded Burgers & Bar online and it was all so quick and easy and the food was outstanding! 10/10 to Branded Burgers & Bar and zwift, you're both totally amazing and can't wait to order again!
Excellent as always.
Awesome as always 👌☺️
burgers really nice and service/delivery excellent
Ordered it as a take away meal. Packaging was spot on and there were no issues at all with inadequate or dodgy plastic bags and the like. I was immediately impressed. The Britton was simply to die for. Just awesome. The best chicken fillet burger I have ever eaten and believe me I've eaten a few. Kids loved the kids burgers and the chips were fantastic. Bacon Mac & Cheese balls were a delight but be careful because they are filling. Delicious though. Internet ordering was seamless and just so easy. Lovely staff and just about the best thing Seville has going for it at the moment. We will be back for more and more and more. Onion rings were excellent and the chilli bacon was divine. Who thought that up? Sooooooo good. Old Warby was great too. Congratulations to the staff it was fantastic. Couple of icy cold pots of draught while I was waiting capped off what is probably the perfect take away experience I've ever had as far as I was concerned.
Sooo good!! Burgers were delish!!! We got chips instead of onion rings - but they were damn good chips 😊 Thanks for your contactless delivery! Your driver stopped at the top of our stairs when he heard me open the door - he was so lovely! Great customer service 😊
Great service and excellent food
Stop burning the onion rings otherwise an excellent meal
Great service lovely food highly recommended Loved the note Thanks
Thank you for making the effort to contact us about our last review. We weren’t happy with our meal and got a call from the owner apologising and asking us to try them again. Very happy we did they took our feedback on board and we had a great meal.
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